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Nitesh Sharma

(Founder of Bangla Talkies)

Since the onset of Bangla Talkies in 2005, I have been responsible for fund generation and production of films, television shows and television commercials under the banner of Bangla Talkies. My untiring attempts to excel in film and television production facilitated Bangla Talkies to curb a niche of its own in both regional and national media fraternity.

During the course of my career I have started from scratch as Assistant Manager - Programming - Audio Visual Arts Ltd. till I have successfully proved my potency in the entertainment industry as Executive Producer, Production Consultant, Production Designer and lastly as a National Award winner Producer for the film "Padakshep" (2008), produced by Bangla Talkies.

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About Bangla Talkies

Bangla Talkies is a leading production company based at Kolkata offering Feature film Production, Corporate Videos & Broadcast services. With strong industry alliances, in house production and post-production facilities, we are capable of delivering international quality service with more production value. Bangla Talkies a National Award winning production house and the mission is to facilitate its clients in achieving their creative goals. Our experienced and talented team of Creative Directors, Line Producers, Production coordinators, Editors, Cinematographers ¦all strive to bring in a unique perspective and maximum return to any project, large or small. 

We have been working with clients across India and abroad, helping them attain an entirely new level of fineness through our services. At Bangla Talkies, we know that the success of our business is directly related to the success of our customers. We listen carefully and respond quickly to the needs of our customers and constantly expand services and the delivery quality standards.

Genre covered

  • Feature Films
  • Corporate Video
  • CSR Video
  • Environment Video
  • Corporate Sustainability Video
  • Climate Change Video
  • Recruitment / HR video
  • R&D / Innovations Video
  • Ethnicity Video
  • Training Video
  • Technology Transfer Video
  • Dealer / Consumer / Wholesaler / Mason / Mechanic
  • Safety Video
  • Advocacy Video
  • Export Marketing Video
  • Direct Mailer Video
  • Line Production

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excellent work as always. very creative and effective.

- John Loui

why bangla talkies ?

Pre - Production


We are well connected with a pool of talented actors and models who can work with you based on your requirement. We can provide prompt solution to your enquiry. We are connected with some famous Talent Casting Agencies as well.

Location Recce

We understand the importance of location for films or documentary. Along with good location we will ensure that it is easily accessible for the shooting team can do their work at ease. We have location managers to guide you on this. "Location Library" is also available with us for you to choose from.

Script Doctor

We are connected with a talented pool of scriptwriter or playwright who can associate with you to work on specific issues that need last-minute addressing. They will work as per your brief and deliver on time.

Scene Wise Budget

We understand the importance of "budget" for the success of the film/commercial. Providing an overall budget is at times misleading. So, we go a step further. We have the industry experience of providing scene wise budgeting so that you get an exact idea of investment before making the film/commercial.


Floor management

We have the experts who can assist you to prepare and plan productions, supervise the live rehearsals and make sure everyone knows what they should be doing and when. We will deal with any technical hitches and ensure the production floor meets health and safety regulations. We will ensure that you focus on your job/event and we take care of the rest.


We can organize filming permits as per your locations needs. Our knowledge of union rules & regulations enables us smoothly to obtain all kinds of filming permits to shoot at the locations of your choice. We have experts who are well versed with the permission requirements and will guide you through.


Logistics is the backbone of the production unit. Keeping an eye on the budget we can arrange for shooting equipments locally. This can be a convinient option for the team as well. We are connected with numerous equipment rental houses in various regions of India to meet your Logistics needs for production.

Post - Production

Film Certification

Film Certification is one of the most important aspect to deal, post production. We have a team of experts who are proficient in working out the legalities to get the film certification. Our team can guide you through this process so that you can get the appropriate certification at various level.

Colour Correction

Color correction can change the feel of a movie. We are connected with colorists who can assist you in colour correction. We have the experts with industry experience who can assist you in this process to give a facelift to your scenes.


We have team of experts who can assist you in sound editing, post production. We can assist you in Location mixing, ADR, Dialog editing, Sound effect editing, Foley etc. We are connected with some well known sound recording studios which is available as per your requirement.

Broadcast Program

We bring a good amount of Broadcast Program expertise to the table. We have industry experts who can guide you through this process. We try to strike a balance between the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry. We have experience in dealing with variety of industry practices and players.

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Line Producer

Bangla Talkies is a Kolkata based video and film production company in India. We offer a comprehensive range of cost effective production services to regional, national and foreign production houses, independent or documentary filmmakers, ad agencies and tv series producers looking for film production co-ordination in Kolkata. So far we have successfully executed several National and International projects which include feature films, ad commercials, tv series, documentaries and even government commercials on Social significance.

We also arrange for accessories and equipments like camera and grip rental, location scouting services, indoor and outdoor shooting permits, talent casting on behalf of our clients, still fashion photo shoots, hospitality, Visa, logistics for shooting overseas, Video- On- Demand and etc.- ancillary to the production process.



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